Top 5 Halloween Designs from 2018

Halloween 2019 is fast approaching, and with that in mind, I thought I would share with you my top 5 favourite designs that I created last year! I did a 100 day countdown last year across my social media, sharing a different image of Halloween related work on my hair and makeup page, my body painting face, and of course at The Pixie Tribe, so I have a lot to choose from! Some images were definitely better than others, and some didn't even make the cut to stay on my social media after the 100 days had ended! I started the challenge in mid July last year, finishing on Halloween itself. This year I am not doing any such challenges as I am too busy, and will only be taking a limited number of bookings on the 25th and 26th of October before we head over to paint at The Grand Halloween Ball in Sheffield for our 3rd year.

5-The Joker

Alex and I painted together at Creamfields for the first time last year, and for some reason we painted a lot of Jokers! This gave me the idea to paint Alex in the Jokers clothes, as well as the face paint.

The Joker Face and Body Paint

4- The Glitter Clown

I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Eco Glitter Fun several times now, and was able to provide the face and body art for their Halloween shoot last year! This look was created by first painting our beautiful model and then applying the glitter over the top. I included a photo of this in my photo album to take to public events with me and it was one of my most popular face paint designs for the rest of the season!

Glitter Clown

3-Red and White Sugar Skull

Ok, so before I start to talk about this, Sugar skulls aren't strictly Halloween designs, they are part of the Mexican Day of the Dead Festival, where people remember their loved ones who are no longer with them. There are so many different styles of Sugar Skull, and I wanted to try something a little different, using only the white face paint for a base, a tiny bit of black, and the deep red face paint for the linework using only one small brush. It is one of my favourite creations of 2018, and I am hoping to revamp it this year!

Sugar Skull Face Paint

2-The Glitter Skull

Another shot from last years Halloween shoot with Eco Glitter Fun. I love painting skulls, and you can't go wrong topping it off with glitter, especially when it's bio-degradeable!

Glitter Skull Face Paint

1-The Zombie

I mean, who doesn't love a zombie, especially at halloween?! This was created using a little bit of liquid latex too to add a little more dimension, and make it a little bit more gross! It's another one I can't wait to rework this year, keep your eyes peeled!

Zombie Face Paint


I love painting maternity art, and I was so happy to find someone who would let me create a little pumpkin belly for them!

Pumpkin Maternity Art

So those were my favourite halloween creations from 2018! This Halloween is looking to be much busier than 2018 already, so if you are looking for a private appointment over the season, or if you are having a Halloween party, please get in touch as I have limited availability!


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