My Top 5 Butterfly Designs

Butterflies, the bread and butter of a face painters life. I love painting butterflies, and they come in so many different shapes and sizes! Here are my top 5 favourite butterfly designs that I have painted over the last year

This is a really simple butterfly design, and I had it on my board for a while last summer, kids kept referring to it as a cupcake butterfly!

Layered one stroke butterfly. This is probably the easiest and quickest style of butterfly face paint to do. No outlining required and they look great! All topped off with a gem instead of the butterfly body.

One stroke Butterfly. Very similar to the previous butterfly, but instead of layering the one strokes, I fill in with the colour on the inside of the one stroke, and again , no outlining required!

Animal inspired butterfly. Painted with a bronze rainbow cake and outlines with black with lots of tiger inspiration! This takes a lot more time (about 15 minutes), and isn't really suitable for when your on the job unless it's really quiet, but works really well as part of an event makeup

I love this butterfly design. It is absolutely my favourite. It's really delicate but takes minutes, and is suitable for all ages, plus it works really well on the job! I have also included an example of this butterfly painted at an event

So there you go! My personal Top 5 favourite butterfly face paint Styles!

Bonus Butterfly!

I painted this butterfly at the Body Circus at the World Body Painting Festival last summer. It's not a face paint so I couldn't technically include it in my top 5, however we did actually do the previous butterfly on her eyes in colours to match her big butterfly. She asked for a surprise and when I saw that keyhole back, there was only one thing I wanted to paint!


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